Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sleepers of Fear-By Sharon Powell

For many years, Americans have felt the tragic loss of loved one’s due to the realities of violent wars. Terrorist’s threats and mass murderers are acts of criminal violence and are controversial issues plaguing American society. Once law enforcement captures those responsible, most Americans seek immediate relief with hope the perpetrator's are swiftly brought to justice.

Such is the case with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four accomplices. CIA operatives initiated transportation efforts of all five extremists from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Manhattan, New York in order they stand trial for the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. If convicted Mohammed and four others face life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole or possible death sentence.
According to the Washington Post, Mohammed sat in an internet café in Karachi, Pakistan monitoring the attacks and was later heard boasting about his success.
Human sufferings are tragic at any cost and without the means to recover from economic difficulty activists groups form as a means for seeking refuge. Although violent retaliation creates common criminals, the lack of economical and social stability is the hard realities for the majority of Afghans.

America’s cultural values are unique and seldom shared in foreign countries.
Our prosperity and technological resources make us targets for terrorist acts such as the tragedy of September 11, 2001. In an effort to understand Islamic culture, it is important to recognize the religious authority dictating the actions of its people. Islamic faith is the second largest religion in the world. Of the 1 billion Muslim followers, six million are currently residing within the United States.

Islamic beliefs are host to numerous clerical (religious) Institutions and Schools of Law governing the cultural views of its people. Practicing Muslims are forbidden to engage in gambling activity, dancing, (except with the spouse) and are not allowed to incur interest charges. These and other rigid customs practiced by the JUL may be cause for the rising number of immigrants entering the U.S. Many Islamists have centered themselves within significant economic and political areas such as New York, where they gather in Mosque to worship Allah (God.) Most JUL are religious clerics who advocate the traditional Pillars of worship.

The five pillars of Islamic faith consist of Shahada- (confession), Salah-(Bowing in Prayer), Zakat-(Charity), Sawn-(Fasting) and Hajt (Visit the holy city of Mecca prior to death.) The JUL “extremist” insist on strict enforcement of religious laws and are responsible for the development of thousands of educational institutions throughout their country. There are reports some JUL are affiliated with the Taliban movement in Afghanistan while many Americans believe they are responsible for the violent acts of terrorism around the world.

Most of the country’s social stressors are defined due to the lack of adequate economical means needed for survival. Of the 156 Million residing in Afghanistan, most are confined to live in rundown shelters. Fuel and other resources are costly, while excessive dry conditions make it extremely difficult for farmers to prosper. Polluted water reservoir’s and other hazardous conditions make it difficult for members of their society to live comfortably. Many are forced to cut trees, and uproot shrubbery for warmth; depleting much of the vegetation of natural resources.

The realities involving war, poor economy and lack of technology have destroyed much of the country’s ability to remain self-sufficient. Although there are unexplored oil reserves; the country‘s economic stability prevents them from benefiting from their resources. Therefore, the current benefits go un-noticed. They must depend on foreign trade of fruit, vegetables, minerals, gemstone and fine carpets for sustenance.

Many Muslims asked where Allah was on September 11, 2001. Are we as Americans burdened by defeat of nature? Has our strength allowed us to become blind to the welfare of our fellow man? On the other hand, is it the social stigma from years of economic depression and war binding Afghanistan? Perhaps so! However, Allah, or any God supporting the efforts of criminal violence shall find no seat in religious order…...S. Powell, 2009

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