Monday, May 17, 2010

Jason Adlean, Life inside his Music, by Sharon Powell, 2010

The powerful sound of Jason Aldean’s southern rock music soar to the top of the charts while music lovers around the world experience the “heart felt” realities involved with country music and storytelling. Coupled with the Macon, Georgia’s down-home boy attitude and his rippling full-bodied vocal ability, Aldean compliments the lyrical talents of singer songwriter, Neil Thrasher and the five-piece band who accompany him on tour. According to producer and publicists Michael Knox, Jason is an entertainer, who works the crowd as if they were performing at the local pub. The bands down-home southern style may be the crème-de-la-crème to “Aldeans Army,” who has sold more than two million copies of their first two albums. Racking up numerous gold and platinum awards, their titles have topped the charts for more than six consecutive weeks during 2005, 2007 and again in 2009.

Although the thirty-three year old musician co-authors some of the band’s music, much of their success is provided by singer, songwriter Neil Thrasher who dominates the scene with a strong sense of what American life is like for the working class. Coupled with his prolific background in music and talent for composition, Thrasher maintains a competitive edge within the industry and has written for many of the country’s top musical talents, including Kenny Chesney, Montgomery Gentry, Hank Williams Jr. and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

Thrasher is one of the top contenders within the business possessing the ability to bring life to the written word by moving them off the page and into the hearts of country music lovers around the world.

Aldean is not a novice when it comes to understanding what it takes to survive in the music business, and has overcome both the financial and emotional barriers, which for years had plagued his musical career. Along with the support of family and friends, his assiduous drive and love for music has made him what he is today. Aldean takes control of the audience, while launching them onto a “roller-coaster” ride through an unforgettable memory of love, anger and the loneliness of every-day life. To the world of country music, Aldean’s career has just begun, and he will continue to be one of music’s legendary greats.

Another of Aldean’s successes came more than fifteen years ago, and has been an important part of his career. His wife and mother of two children all share the up and downsides involved with publicity and countless hours of emotional support, needed when living the dream. Although Aldean spends much of his time recording his next hit, he also finds time away from the hectic lifestyle to enjoy an afternoon of fishing, or four wheeling, and Baseball with lifetime friends.

Aldean was raised in southern Georgia, and attended one of Macon’s private schools within the area. As a student of Windsor Academy, Aldean played sports, fulfilling the position of defensive “First Baseman” for the Windsor Knights baseball team. According to the coach, Aldean played quite well when not having to contend with his math lessons. Members of the school’s faculty have made it priority to assure Jason’s academic roots are kept rocking within the school’s historical archives and celebrate with the graduate as often as possible.

Together, Aldean and the band have won numerous awards for their talents, including Top New Male Vocalist in 2006 by the Academy of Country Music. Other awards were given for single pop country titles, including, Why, Amarillo Sky, Big Green Tractor and The Truth, where all have topped the charts at number one, classifying, Jason Aldean as a household favorite with country music fans from around the world…..S.Powell, 2010


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