Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama's State of the Union Address 2011, Together, the future is ours, by Sharon Powell

 Obama’s State of the Union Address seemed to simplify the needs of both political parties. His motivational quests, and interests resounded on achieving full cooperation with one another by taking a genuine interest in ourselves and the welfare of our fellow Americans. His message may suggest that political party debates and working together may be delaying his plans for economical reform and progress for improving the future of America.

The President stressed America’s future is hopeful providing our people can become the “educational leaders and innovative experts of the world.” His message for achieving these goals rests heavily upon creating innovation in order to support American jobs. Obama feels by investing in Biomedical Research, and Clean Energy Acts, Americans can break dependency on foreign oil and improve the economy. One particular reform the President will present to congress this year, is to eliminate the billions of dollars currently provided to oil companies. By cutting off government support to these industries, 80% of our energy will come from clean energy reserves by 2035. This bill will also promote a wide spread interest in the use of “Electric Automobiles” by the year 2015.

Obama also silenced the crowd when announcing his proposal to “freeze” deficit spending for the next five years. This proposed freeze will involve cutting Community Action Programs, Military spending and Annual Domestic spending. Obama wants to cut programs that America can live without. The President feels by combating corruption which only “rots” the future of America, economic improvement and growth can be achieved.

The president also focused on Educational reform, the Transportation Industry and creating tactics for destroying barriers hindering companies from competing within the world.  Obama vows to simplify the system on tax rates and double our exports of foreign trade by 2014; claiming these progresses will create new jobs for more Americans. The President also painted a brighter picture in trade relations with “China and South Korea,” claiming 320,000 new jobs have been created for Americans in the coming year.

Obama sees America measuring its progress by successful opportunities made by our people; stating these are the projects we work on together in order to achieve stability.   Obama stressed the world has changed form 30 years ago, and Americans need to educate, and move our people into the future in order to achieve economical growth.......S. Powell 2011

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