Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nancy Grace, Angels and Demons among Us, by Sharon Powell, 2010

American legal commentator and CNN’s Television Host, Nancy Grace has much to be praised for in her quest as a victim’s rights advocate. The emotional impact instilled within her audience attempts to reveal the shocking truths involving serious crime. Grace’s TV series seems to “dissect” the unknown realities involving crimes of kidnapping, murder and rape of defenseless women and children. Coupled with Grace’s intellectual style and “no nonsense attitude” she has knowingly placed herself at risk for criticism from audience members and colleagues alike. Some people believe her “biased opinions and lack of compassion for the accused” quite often ignore the defendant’s right to reasonable doubt standard, while influencing the final outcome of jury trials within the Justice System.

Although some people find her “aggressive behavior and power plays” for fighting crime “cruel and unforgiving,” Grace has much to be praised for and may understand the realities involving “crime and punishment” better than most, which is why her convictions into fighting for victims rights are high priorities for her.

Grace’s legal career began at the age of 19, shortly after the death of her fiancé, Keith Griffin in 1979. She received her professional law degree from the Walter F. George School of Law, and went on to complete her Masters in criminal law from the University of New York. As clerk for a federal court judge, Grace practiced “anti-trust and consumer protection laws” before accepting a position in Atlanta, Ga. as a Special Prosecutor for Fulton County’s District Attorney’s office. Besides writing articles for the American Bar Association, she has also taught litigation at the Georgia State University College of Law, while associating herself with Mercer University’s Board of Trustee’s and Georgia State University School of Business Law.

Grace’s legal career has provided her with lasting memories into the world of crime, while igniting her "sense of humor and disdain often expressed within her southern bell attitude." She has been quoted for referring to defense lawyers as "pigs" while comparing them to "Nazi concentration camp guards." Besides being an attorney, Grace has also written three books, of which her latest entitled, Objection, released in November of 2009 reveals her beliefs concerning how high priced Defense Attorney’s, Celebrity Defendants and 24/7 Media coverage have hijacked today’s criminal justice system.

It should not go without mention that Grace’s legal career and aggressive style may someday become an awakening, and lesson of poetic justice. Media awareness and colleagues alike may find it within their right to someday discretely crucify her loved ones for one reason or another. Perhaps a professional reminder is due and the hard hitting attorney may wish to focus her efforts on showing a little more compassion for the accused while remembering “her victims” are someone’s baby too………….S. Powell, 2010

1.) CNN Live with Nancy Grace

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