Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TRU TV. Operation Repo, No Joke, Pay that Note, By Sharon Powell

National Television has taken on a new twist by introducing true to life situations, and criminal activity found within America. It makes no difference if you are rich, poor or just plain ignorant; you are still no match for the heavy hitting crime scene busters depicted on TRU TV. “Operation Repo” celebrates its third season on national TV and has repossessed thousands of vehicles since premiering in 2008.

Ministers, Doctors, Lawyers, housewives and gangbangers have all made the list for having delinquent account statuses and have been caught on camera showing off more than their inability to pay. Lou, Sonia, and Lynda Pizarro team up with Matt Burch and Froylan Tercero in one of the hottest series appearing on TV today. The show takes a look at the fast paced world of repossession. More often than not, the team finds themselves engaged in life threatening situations in order to repossess property of delinquent accounts for financial lenders across the state of California. The “Operation Repo Team” are trained professionals and will stop at nothing to get the job done. Boats, cars, planes, sports cars and trucks make up the teams genre.

Delinquent loan accounts and bankruptcy have escalated out of proportions within the last decade due to the high rate of unemployment and social trends impacting America’s financial stability. Besides having to contend with lenders harassing phone calls and correspondence reminders, your credit rating is taking a serious “nose dive” into financial ruin, and more than likely creating additional hardships for you when trying to borrow money from financial institutions.

Contemporary society depends heavily upon credit lenders, and without having established some type of history, a person may find it virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage or home loan, or perhaps a car or recreational vehicle without having a prior credit history. So what does all this “reality stuff” mean to you and me? If you are unable to pay the monthly premium using the funds made within one week’s salary, then more than likely you are exceeding your monthly budgeted amounts while risking your financial future.

Tru TV is a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting Network, debuting in 1991. Since that time, the producers have added several reality programs including Las Vegas Jailhouse, All Worked Up, It Only Hurts when I laugh, Most Daring, Bait Car, and Forensic Science. Viewers tuning into the show can preview real life stories while educating themselves on the realities involving social issues and documented crime cases within America……...S. Powell, 2010

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